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Who We Help


Creating a Brighter Tomorrow 

There’s more to educating a child than academic cognition. What a child can do with good education is inadequate only by opportunity, approach and exposure. Rural India has a complex family situation; kids are at times exposed to domestic violence by the father on the mother or the child himself, physical punishments in the schools which at that age are problematic to catch for the child. 

Unfortunately, rural schools lack the proper infrastructure which is essential to provide a student with compulsory education and care. There are many effective initiatives in India that aim to upsurge school attendance in less privileged communities, but very few that allow children to determine where they can go from there. Tathastu Bhava works to fill this requirement.

Our on-going program in Kirti Nagar Slum Area was founded on the principle that true education requires head, heart and hand, and that less-privileged children should receive the good exposure and basic amenities. Not only the elementary education is enough, we work on their skill development, spoken english & talent identification as well.


Empowering Women

Nearly 85% of the women we spoke to in the communities we work with said that their children’s well-being was their highest precedence. Tathastu Bhava considers that education begins at home. In less-privileged communities, the mother or the girl child is normally the main health care provider in the family, yet also the most affected. This means that empowering women empowers the communities they live in.

Our programs aim to enable economic individuality and upsurge capacity, so what we teach them is all-inclusive and practical. For instance, we have created a program to meet the increasing demand for women drivers in the city. We train less privileged women to be drivers to a professional level where they can expect good pay and job benefits, which certifies that they are economically independent.

All our programs incorporate life skills, IT skills and vocational courses. We also conduct awareness programs for women’s issues, child care, hygiene awareness and offer counselling services. A strong, independent mother serves as a role model for her family, and inspires her children to have strong attitudes towards gender issues.


Giving Wings to Youth

While young people aged 10–24 years in India signify roughly one-third of the country’s population, few programs and policies exist to meet their needs. India is the largest democracy in the world and the youth of the country is revolutionary. 

Tathastu Bhava works hard every day to bring that to them.
We assist them with scholarships and vocational training, and offer counselling. We also teach spoken English, life skills and IT skills in all our youth programs – these are real-world skills that increase self-confidence and employability.

The skill gap in India is anticipated to expand greatly by 2022, all involving careers that are fulfilling, well-paid and may even be a stepping stone to entrepreneurship for youth. There are presently at least 7 million such jobs in need of skilled individuals. This is why our goal is to design more accredited, high-quality programs that will train youth for these careers.


Lifting up with hands of help

We support communities by concentrating on their most vulnerable members: women, children and youth.We work in some of the poorest regions and every day we are more persuaded of their potential as the force for a new India.

The people you find in less privileged communities are enthusiastic, meticulous and friendly beyond their means. Though, these communities are also frequently affected by issues of substance abuse, petty crime, gender inequality, malnutrition and lack of sanitation. We find many of these difficulties can be solved by empowering mothers to be economically independent and educating children and youth. Our goal is to help individuals gain control of their own lives and become social leaders in their own communities.

Our initiative involves introducing computer skills, life skills training, health camps, counselling and creating awareness about potential careers, health & hygiene and facilitating them as well.